How to move: Los Angeles movers advise

How to move: Los Angeles movers advise

When you decide to move – make a clear plan and chose the right moving company, for instance, Superb Movers. Our professional movers in LA will help you to change your life. The main goal of our company is to move your things quickly and carefully. Superb Movers guarantees that all your items will appear in the point of destination in time and will be safe. We provide high qualified service and reliable specialists. At the same time our prices are not high – everyone can call us and move!

Some advice from out movers:

1. Think carefully about your things. First of all, you should decide what items are really necessary for you. Don’t take all your things. Don’t start packing before you choose useful things. Don’t hurry! Find some days and check your things carefully. Imagine yourself in your new house. Do you really need everything around you? Leave all useless items.

2. Find help. If you’ve got such an opportunity – ask your friends, relatives and neighbors to help you. It’s easier to prepare for moving when you’re surrounded by active and positive humans. And don’t forget about professional movers in LA – our employees are always ready to help not only to move, but also to pack all your things.

3. Choose professionals. There are professional packagers that can help you. And don’t forget that they work in Superb Movers! We’re always ready to make your moving comfortable.

4. Find information. With the help of the Internet you’ll be able to find some lifehacks in moving. There are plenty of forums, sites and web-journals where people describe their experience. If you have questions – you can ask them. There are some organizations that provide psychological consultations and help those who decide to move. It’s very important to find some information about moving companies – don’t trust everyone. Choose only reliable moving companies, for instance, Superb Movers.

5. Don’t postpone your moving. Don’t be afraid and start your preparation right now! The earlier you start preparation – the easier you move. Call us right now or send us e-mail. We’re ready to provide you best moving conditions!

SUPERB MOVERS is a perfect way to move!

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How to move plants to a new home?

How to move plants to a new home?

Think about your plants. Moving is a great stress for them. Care about your plants and plan how to move them. Our company will help you!

Protect your plants before the moving! Pack them in a moving box. Water your plants in the day before the transportation. Water will provide safe moving and protect roots.

It’s better to use plastic containers. Moving plants in pots is not safe because they can be broken easily. In this case, the plant will remain without a container, which will lead to its death!

You need to start replanting flowers a week before moving. If you don't have time to transplant, you can leave the plants in pots. Then the pots should be put into cardboard boxes and separated by partitions. You can use cardboard, paper, cloth or foam rubber as partitions.

It is important to match the box according to the size of the pots. The best way is to use a separate container for each plant. If your plants are small, use one box for 2-3 pots. Don’t close the box and use eco-bubble. It’s better when the box is higher than plants – they can breathe and flowers and leaves will be protected. Big plants should be transported in moving boxes.

Superb Movers provides perfect boxes for different plants. Look at our table and find your ideal box! Every plant will be safe!

Don’t forget to tell movers in which boxes there are plants. These boxes should stand separately. Our professional movers know how to move your flowers.

Pay attention to the following rules:
- Place plants in the van last of all;
- Arrange large boxes first, then small ones and finally “problem” plants that require special attention;
- Make sure that there are no heavy objects nearby that could fall and damage plants in the process of moving;
- Fix every box so that it does not move during transportation;
- Periodically open boxes to give plants the opportunity to breath.

Superb Movers is ready to move your plants carefully. Our movers have a great experience in moving flowers on long distances. For example, to Beverly Hills, Burbank, Glendale, Hollywood, Pasadena, Redondo Beach, Sherman Oaks, Santa Monica, Torrance, Van Nuys, Rancho Cucamonga, Long Beach and etc. Don’t be afraid – we guarantee that your new house will be decorated by fresh and safe plants. Call us or send e-mail – we’ll consult you and give all the necessary information about your moving.

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Just moved? How to clean your new apartment

Just moved? How to clean your new apartment

The most important condition of every successful moving is the choice of the right moving company, for instance, Superb Movers. But after moving you’ll have to clean your new place.

Some advice from our company:

1. Try to clean your new house before moving. It’s not easy to wash the floor when you’re surrounded by boxes with things. If you clean your new house in advance you’ll appear in cozy rooms.

2. Pay attention to bathroom. It’s easy to clean it when there are no your things there. Also think if bathroom needs to be repaired, because it’s easier to decide this problem before moving. And after moving you’ll be sure that you can take a shower after a long way.

3. Check the toilet and clean it. You should be sure that you won’t have a surprise with toilet after moving.

4. Clean the floor with special cleaning agents. You’ll make the floor clean and save your time.

 5. Visit the kitchen. And don’t forget to check your new refrigerator and oven. After moving you should have an opportunity to eat and to save some products for breakfast. And of cause it’s better to clean everything.

6. Think about help. It’s difficult and boring to clean everything yourself. You can ask friends, relatives and neighbors to help you.

7. Have a good mood. Try to be happy due to your moving. Listen to your favorite music, put beautiful flowers on a vase, hang your favorite photo on the wall.

8. Call professionals. Don’t be afraid to use cleaning companies – they’ll help you not only with cleaning but also with your things.

Superb Movers cares about you. We’re always ready to help with you moving!

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