Six steps to move

Six steps to move

Moving is a difficult process. Planning and packing can easily make you nervous. Superb Movers has a great experience of moving. We are always ready to help you. The only thing you need is to make a good plan:

1.Make a list of all your things.

Check all your things and classify them. For example, food, bags, documents, furniture and so on. 

2. Think about boxes.

Bring all the boxes home and pack your things carefully. Keep your fragile items separately. And don’t forget to put necessary thing not very far. A good idea is to pack things in accordance with the room in which they’ll be held.  For example, boxes for bedroom, bathroom and so on.

3. Cooperate with movers.

Discuss the process of moving with your favourite local careful movers, for instance, with Superb Movers. Check you list of things with movers’ list before moving. Control the moving process and don’t be afraid to call your movers and check their location.

4. Last minutes.

Before you leave home, make sure that everything is ok. Don’t forget to close windows and doors, turn off the light. Also check all the necessary documentation.

5. Prepare your new home.

Think about your new parking place. Don’t forget to take keys and make a spare key. Use plastic sheets in order to protect the floor in your new house.

6. Be ready

Think about unexpected things. Imagine that it’s raining or some boxes are damaged. Then take a shirt of paper and write down the ways to solve the problem.

The only way to avoid problems is to choose a reliable moving company. Our company SUPERB MOVERS guarantees that all your things will be safe. Fast movers in LA will help you to move as quickly as possible. Also we’ll help you to move to Beverly Hills, Burbank, Glendale, Hollywood, Pasadena, Redondo Beach, Sherman Oaks, Santa Monica, Torrance, Van Nuys, Rancho Cucamonga, Long Beach and other destinations.

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Superb movers will help you at the last minute

Superb movers will help you at the last minute

Moving process is usually carefully planned. But sometimes your things had already been packed, but your movers didn’t appear. There are plenty of unreliable moving companies. Also you can meet a cheater and say good buy to your money. If you find yourself in such an unpleasant situation, don’t panic – find another moving company. You may be afraid to be lied again, but there are a lot of responsible professional movers. For example, SUPERB MOVERS will help you!

Of cause it’s better to call us in advance. But in any case, we’re ready to help you very quickly. Don’t forget to mention all the details:

- the number of boxes;

- the place of your destination;

- oversized items (if you have such things).

It’s necessary to mention all the thing you have because the amount of movers depends on this fact.

SUPERB MOVERS is an honest company.Our affordable movers in LA and other regionswill help you to move quickly in every situation!

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How to prepare for moving?

How to prepare for moving?

Finally, it’s time to move. The moving company has been chosen that provides, for example, comfortable moving in Los Angeles. Also you’ve decided to have complex service and professional movers will pack all your things. What should you do more? How to prepare your things for packing?

There are several rules that will make your moving comfortable. Just do them before professional packers come to your place:

1. Put away all useless things. Think carefully of all your things and decide if they are useful. Don’t forget that you’ll have to pay for packing. Why should you pay for things that you’ll never use in your life? Experts consider that if an item isn’t used during 12 month – it can be thrown away. Try to imagine your new home and all your things. After you find useless things, try to give them a second life. For example, you can sell some of them, present them to your friends or donate your things.

2. Put away forbidden things.

There are some things that won’t be packed by professional packers. Among them there are:

- dangerous items, such as chemicals, oils, cleaning fluids, paint;

- products that can be spoiled, for example, fish, frozen strawberry and so on;

- plants.

Think about such things in advance. Be creative – you can pack your plants yourself in special boxes. Or make a party with your friends and eat all the food that can be spoiled. Also you can donate flowers to the nearest school or hospital.

3. Make a list of all your things

Now you’re ready for moving and can check all your things. It’s necessary to make a check-list of all your items. It will help you to understand what things you have in the details. Also you’ll be able to find items for insurance. You can make a list of your thing with the help of paper and a pen or use innovative ways, for instance, free mobile app MoveAdvisor.

4. Establish a non-packing zone

Before your favourite local careful movers come, choose one room and make it free from boxes and other things.

Our company SUPERB MOVERS will help you to pack and move! 

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