Double Drive Time in moving: what does it mean?

In California movers usually take money for “double drive time”. The California Public Utilities Commission regulates the necessity of “double drive time”. It means that movers take money not for distance but for hours spent on the trip. Double drive time will save your money. Also you’ll be sure that the movers will be honest with you and won’t lie about the destination.

We take “double drive time” and that’s you won’t have to pay for our way back to our warehouse. Also you won’t pay us for our way from our warehouse to your home. Instead of this we’ll take money only for the way from your previous house to the new one.

“Double drive time” protects you from cheaters, because you can’t estimate the movers’ way from warehouses to your place. That’s why “Double drive time” is a compromise payment.

in order to find more information, you can read the actual page from the Max Rate Tariff 4. In spite of funny name, The Max Rate Tariff 4 is a strong regarded law. You can read or download the entire Tariff on the web site.

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