Simple tips for everybody to save time and budget on moving day

Take your attention on useful tips about moving process which will help you to relocate fast and spend less money on that. Sounds good, isn't it?

Here we go: 
1. Find the best time to schedule this day with moving company. Now you know the day and time. Let building manager know about your move. Sometimes you can ask to reserve elevator or parking spot, which will save you an hour at least.

+Shedule date 
+Let building manager know
2. Try to reserve parking spot for the truck which is close to your apartment. Here works easy formula: less distance between your place and truck, less time movers spend to load it.

+Parking spot. 
3. Before movers team will come, you can prepare and pack everything which need to be moved. These also, will save your time and budget on moving services. Try to unload clothes, books, fragile things from furniture and pack it in boxes or bags, then mark them, so you know what's in each box or bag. Now everything is organized and when movers will come, it will be easy for them to start fast loading and stuck things safe in truck.

4. Unloading is usually much faster than loading. Show the closest way to place where exactly do you want to put things and explain details. Now let specialists do their job. 
If you unloading to storage, it’s always better to rent a unit in advance and check open hours. It will help you to avoid unexpected surprises. 
Congratulations, job is done! Check staf condition before movers leave and sign a contract. You did it!

Have a wonderful moving experience with Superb Movers.

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