What are Oversized Items and how are they moved?

Oversized things are traditionally in the center of movers’ attention. First of all, it’s necessary to give a definition to oversized things (if you’re not sure that your thing is oversized – call us or send us e-mail – we’ll help you!).

The most common oversized item is a piano (also we can mention different kinds of stands, grand pianos and so on). It’s hard to move these things due to their size, weight, fragileness and cost. If you’re going to move, you should mention your piano in the request. Usually moving companies ask for more money to move oversized things. Moreover, there are few companies specialized only on moving pianos, but in this case, you’ll have to pay twice. Our company Superb Movers provides you a wonderful opportunity to save your money. In Superb Movers you’ll not have to pay more for moving oversized things – you’ll pay only for the amount of movers. For example, if you live in LA and want to move a piano from the garage to the first-floor, 2 Professional movers in LA are needed. If you need to move a grand piano – we’ll provide you 4 movers. We work in Orange County, Ventura County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County and other regions!

Safe deposit is also a popular oversized thing. It’s easier to move safe deposits than pianos, but at the same time safe deposits are heavy and can damage the floor or upstairs. That’s why it’s important to mention your safe deposit when you’re moving. If you choose Superb Movers - you’ll not have to pay more for your safe deposit. We’ll move it free! But we should know about safe deposits in order to move your oversized things carefully.

Finally, we’ll mention a pool table. It’s hard to move pool tables due to the necessity of furniture’s assembly. Most of the detail are heavy and easily damaged. Only high-qualified movers can cope with pool tables. That’s why most moving companies ask more for this job. Our company SUPERB MOVERS will help you to move! Our movers will carefully transport all your things including oversized Items.

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